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Booster Commodons Extraction & Better Cleanser 100 ml SYSTEM+


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Hydrogen peroxide urea is a combination of urea and hydrogen peroxide. Antiseptic from the group of oxidants. When hydrogen peroxide comes in contact with damaged skin and mucous membranes, active oxygen is released, and mechanical purification and inactivation of organic substances (proteins, blood, pus) occurs. Trikenol is an asset containing terpen-4-ol from tea tree oil, white Salix alba willow extract and valicyl derivatives: • antibacterial ingredient that supports the favorable microflora of the skin surface and suppresses pathogens • provides a healthy balance of microflora on the surface of the skin • restores skin barrier functions • immunostimulant • anti-inflammatory and seboregulatory effect


urea, hydrogen peroxide, tricenol

Application method

apply to the skin, exposure time 3-5 minutes, without rinsing apply a mask OXYGEN moisturizing film for 10 minutes. Remove by ultrasound


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